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A Mother's Story (as shared with us by a satisfied customer)

After the birth of her first baby, a friend told me of a troubling condition her infant was experiencing.

My friend was delighted when she was blessed with a healthy, 7-pound, baby girl. She immediately began to breast-feed and she so enjoyed the intimacy of this glorious bonding experience. Having first brought forth this amazing little life; she was now nurturing her child with her own life-giving milk.

Naturally, she endured the mechanical process of breast pumping to ensure a ready supply of nourishment, but her most cherished moments were those quiet times when she was able to lay back and allow her baby to suckle at her breast. But it wasn't long before her joy was turned to concern. 

She discovered that her precious child had developed a patchy, red rash. Worried, she immediately contacted her pediatrician. He seemed unconcerned and said that it was likely one of two common issues: atopic eczema or hives. He suggested that it might be caused by her laundry detergent or her cologne.

My friend immediately stopped wearing perfume and sought out a hypoallergenic laundry soap, but the rash continued.

Returning to her doctor, he suggested that it might be a fabric issue, so she quit wearing any wool or synthetic fabrics, but the rash continued unabated.

It wasn't until one morning, while she was showering, that she thought to turn around the bottle of body wash that she'd used for years. On the back were listed all the various ingredients it contained and she was shocked to find that it was full of chemicals. Chemicals with long, unpronounceable names; chemicals that she'd never heard of. She researched several of them and discovered that many were actually dangerous. As she began to put two and two together, it dawned on her that her little girl was laying across her bare chest which she washed daily with this chemical-ladened body wash. Could this be the culprit causing all this discomfort for her baby?

It was around this time that she expressed her suspicions to me and asked what I thought. I explained to her that from what I’d read, the chemicals in her commercially produced body wash could very likely be the source of her baby's rash. We both began to scour the internet, looking for a solution and it wasn't long before we discovered a product that promised to eliminate her problem.

The Seed Legend line of soapberry products contains no artificial chemicals.  Preservative chemicals are essential for any product to have a shelf-life, but Seed Legend products are unique: their entire line is naturally preserved through fermentation. And the power of their product line is derived from an all-natural substance called saponin, which they extract from wild-harvested soapberries.  One of the products in their 100% natural line is a body wash called Berry Body Spa. 

She immediately ordered the largest bottle she could get her hands on and she was thrilled to discover the gentle, yet powerful cleansing it provided. And, more than that, she was now able to enjoy those intimate moments with her little girl laying across her chest, safely receiving her mother’s loving nourishment. 

No more rash … no more worries 

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