Seed Legend all-natural bar soap

Do your products contain soap?

Yes, most products do-- but all Seed Legend products are made with saponin, a natural surfactant, to cleanse soap-free!
Traditional soap is often alkaline, with a high pH. However, skin is naturally slightly acidic-- and when alkaline soap is used on it,  your body over produces sebum to try and regulate its pH level, which can cause acne and breakouts. Natural oils on our skin also keep it hydrated and intact, allowing our skin to do its job as a barrier to protect our bodies from harm. Soap strips away these natural oils, which can jeopardize our skin’s function. 
Saponins, on the other hand, still have all the cleansing power, but are much gentler, making them a great alternative to soap! Saponins are extracted from wild soapberries, and they can help soothe irritation and fight off harmful bacteria. In addition to the saponins in Seed Legend products, we also add various natural ingredients depending on the product, making our products an all-natural alternative to harsh soap-based products! 
Seed Legend products are proudly soap-free, but they foam the same (if not better) than products that contain soap for that extra clean feel. Mother Nature created saponins so that we wouldn’t need to make chemical-laden soap and that’s where Seed Legend stepped in. 
Experience the difference with our soap-free beauty, home and hygiene products!

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