How We Can Reduce the Harmful Effects on Our Ecosystems

How We Can Reduce the Harmful Effects on Our Ecosystems

When our wastewater is contaminated by toxic chemicals or any other forms of waste, ecosystems are put in jeopardy. We need to protect it and try to heal what’s been damaged. One way to help, from the comfort of your own home, is by switching to environmentally-friendly products.

Nearly three years into the COVID-19 pandemic and my goodness, have our lives changed! From experiencing a lock down, searching high and low for toilet paper, and, oh yeah, the announcement of a global pandemic. Hopefully our hygiene is something we consider just a tad bit more since then. One primary role we have taken to prevent the spread of the disease is by washing our hands. However, although this is great practice, we have—unintentionally—added to the environmental pollution as a result.


Wastewater Implications Since COVID-19.

As we increased the amount of times we washed our hands, it increased the amount of waste being washed down the drain. This resulted in greater negative effects on wastewater. Now I am sure this is something none of us not only did not anticipate, but did not intend on happening. Additionally, many of the products that were used during this difficult time, were produced with a high carbon footprint.


What is a Carbon Footprint and How can it Affect Our Environment?

Our carbon footprint has multiple negative implications on the environment: it is the leading cause of human-induced climate change, urban air pollution, toxic acid rain, ocean acidification, and exacerbates the melting of glaciers. It is calculated as the total number of greenhouse gasses produced by our everyday actions - this value also includes carbon dioxide and methane. Every effort, small or large, can dramatically reduce the chances of further damage occurring and improve the quality of all of our lives.


Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly Products are the Future and Vital for All Living and Non-Living Things

There are numerous actions we can all take to impact the movement in a positive way; one of those includes being mindful of what we wash down the drain. The best way to move forward is to find alternative solutions to soap as it can be harmful to our ecosystem and ourselves if its contaminants seep into our drinking water. These alternatives should include products that are categorized as biodegradable.

All of Seed Legend’s products are 100% botanical, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable, making them safer for mankind and the environment. Not only are they safe to wash down the drain, they are made using a patented fermentation process—US Patent: US 2013/0130329 A1—where everything is recycled and nothing is wasted. This innovative technology leaves an extremely low carbon footprint and utilizes barely any energy. Oh, and they never expire because they’re fermented—it just gets better with age, similar to wine!

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