Seed Legend organic skincare

The Cost Of Health

We all know that whenever you’re shopping online or at a store, the organic or all-natural products are often more expensive than the regular ones...but have you ever wondered why?

At Seed Legend, the main factors for the price of our products comes down to our manufacturing process and the quality of the ingredients we use! For example, lots of other products use soap to provide cleaning power, which is an inexpensive option, but soap can be excessively alkaline and irritate skin. Seed Legend products use saponin, a naturally occurring anti-bacterial cleaning substance, which is extracted from soapberries.

These soapberries are a good reason for a higher price: Seed Legend products all start with foraging for soapberries in the wild-- we don’t use farmed soapberries because wild ones are a higher quality! The wild soapberries are carefully chosen to ensure that they have a high saponin content. Next, the soapberries undergo a special 180-day fermentation process, which not only extracts the saponins from the soapberries, but also means that we don’t have to add preservatives to our products! Preservatives commonly used in home and beauty products don’t need 180 days, cutting down the time it takes to manufacture products dramatically, but unfortunately studies have shown many preservatives have a plethora of negative effects for human health.

We’ve also perfected our products to have a minimal list of ingredients you know: no more scouring long lists of ingredients with names of things you don’t recognize to see if there’s anything harmful! We think that ensuring that our products aren’t harmful to their users is always worth it.

Product Solutions Safe for You, Us, and our Planet. Enter a new world of natural, safe, and healthy home and personal cleaning solutions; all made with the purest ingredients while being completely biodegradable.Soap-Free Cleaning | Organic Soapberry Products