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Soapberries are the nature's purest form of soap!

What are they? 
Soapberries are the nature's purest form of soap! Saponins are what is extracted from the pulp of the soapberry. Saponins work as a surfactant, naturally and gently lifting dirt and grease from the skin and other surfaces. 

They are truly nature's miracle - which constantly leaves us wondering why they aren't more widely used (It's like when the Acai Berry was a 'new' product on the market but the benefits had been around for centuries!).

What makes them so special?

There are so many inherent benefits that the soapberry possesses. The soapberry has a pH similar to that of our skin, therefore it doesn't strip our natural skin sebum (which most products do!), leaving hair and skin smooth and soft. On top of it's gentle nature, it's also hypoallergenic, so it's great for sensitive skin (all skin types actually!). There's more - the soapberry is also; antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and loaded with vitamins and minerals. All of these traits eliminate the need for chemicals and additives, it can really do it all!

Where do they come from?
Soapberries are grown in many parts of the world; however, not all are suitable for making quality soapberry products. After extensive research and study, we've determined that those grown in South Asia were by far the best, as the tropical rainforest provides everything needed to cultivate the plumpest soapberries. Bonus: insects naturally reject the saponin, so no pesticides are used to cultivate the soapberries!

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