What Are The Benefits of Fermented Products?

What Are The Benefits of Fermented Products?

When the word “fermented” is mentioned, our minds typically think of kimchi or wine. Well, now we can include skincare to the list. However, do they provide similar benefits to fermented foods? Read on to learn more...


What is Fermentation?

Fermentation is a natural process that breaks down a substance by bacteria or fungi. More broadly, it allows for foods to be preserved. We see this being utilized in foods all around us, such as wine, yogurt, kimchi, and kombucha. Besides preserving food, the fermentation process produces ingredients like probiotics, prebiotics, or postbiotics, otherwise known to be good bacteria, like those found in our guts. Due to the presence of one or more of these ingredients, the fermentation process provides health benefits: such as the improvement in one’s digestion, immunity strength, and more.


What is Fermented Skin Care?

Though we typically associate fermentation with food, it is becoming increasingly common to be utilized in skin care products today. More and more studies are seeing that fermented skin care products applied topically help the skin remain intact and strengthen it to withstand more for a greater period of time. Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Shereene Idriss, states that fermented skin care lessens “inflammation overall and that, in the long run, can slow down the signs of aging.”


What are the Benefits of Fermented Skin Care?

Fermented skin care breaks down skin care ingredients into tiny particles or molecules that allow the skin to be more easily absorbed. This might be a little frightening to think of, but our bodies are completely covered in an ecosystem of bacteria, referred to as the skin microbiome. Fermented formulas replenish and feed that layer which results in healthier-looking and -feeling skin!

Fermented skin care strengthens our skin’s outer layer to avoid discoloration and the breakdown of its elasticity while soothing the skin; keeping it looking healthier and younger for longer. This is made possible by the natural occurrence of acid, enzymes, and peptides; or probiotics and postbiotics.

Additionally, due to this being a natural process, it is also widely known to be friendly to sensitive skin too! It is an alternative to synthetic skin care products.


What Makes Seed Legend’s Fermentation Process So Special?

Firstly, Seed Legend’s fermentation process involves soapberries. They must undergo several stages of biotech treatment before they can be safely used. This is accomplished by the use of a patented continuous fermentation process (brewing fermentation), similar to the wine-making process. The natural yeast particles produced during fermentation decompose sugar, releasing “steady-state” fructose amino acid, and the end result is soapberry anhydride.

What’s more, via the patented fermentation process, barely any energy is utilized and absolutely no waste is left behind, thus making all of Seed Legend’s products fully biodegradable. Interested in learning more about this process? Learn more.

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