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Not All Soapberries Are Created Equal

You might have seen advertisements with soapberry “natural” cleansing products touting the benefits of soapberries, but did you know not all soapberries are created equal? Here’s what makes our soapberry products different from everything else out there: 


First, Seed Legend products are completely made with foraged wild soapberries instead of farmed ones. This ensures a higher quality, larger berry that we use as the basis of our products! Each wild soapberry contains more saponin than farmed ones-- the substance in soapberries that contains the cleansing power, has antibacterial properties, and can counteract oxidative stress!  

Next, these soapberries undergo our special, patented 180-day fermentation process! Naturally, soapberries contain some poisonous acids, but don’t worry-- those are all removed during the fermentation process to ensure a safe final product. Fermenting the soapberries allows us to extract all the saponin: without the fermentation, you won’t get the same benefits from soapberries! 

180 days might seem like a long time, but there’s a good reason for it! This slow fermentation has a low carbon footprint, and all parts of the soapberry get used, leading to less waste and an eco-friendlier product! Finally, our fermented soapberry syrup gets turned into all our beauty and home products. None of our products contain any artificial preservatives, thanks to the 180-day fermentation! 

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