Honest Natural - The Real Soapberries Products

We hope you like it... Because our products are so natural, with no added fillers or fragrance, there will be some all-natural aspects about them and are totally normal.

We add no artificial fragrance to our products; consequently, they will have a raw, earthy, natural scent: some will smell sweet and fruity; some slightly vinegar-like ... just as nature intended!

We don't artificially manipulate the color or scent of any of our products, and due to their 100% all-natural state, occasionally slight variations of color and smell may be detected between different batches.

Similar to what you might find with fresh squeezed juice; it is not unusual for a slight amount of sediment to collect at the bottom of the containers of our liquid form products.

Over time, a harmless sticky residue (similar to crystallized sugar) may form around the cap of some of our products. Do not be concerned; this is to be expected from an all-natural product.

While our products are 100% natural, we must caution you to avoid contact with your eyes, as natural does not mean tear free. INITIAL

Our products are perfectly pH balanced and have a detoxifying effect. Consequently, when using some of our astringent products, some people may experience a slight feeling of dryness. This feeling will go away very quickly.

Because of our fermentation manufacturing process, our products may contain trace of naturally occurring alcohol. And, it is totally natural and safe!