• Organic Products Are Not Always Safe!  

    Organic Products Are Not Always Safe!

    While you certainly should be able to trust that organic products are free from dangerous pesticides, over the years it’s been discovered that the “organic” label is no guarantee of safety. In fact, one recent study found that as much as 30% of the produce labeled “organic” that they tested was not poison-free.

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  • Beware Of Chemical Residue On Your Dishes!  

    Beware Of Chemical Residue On Your Dishes!

    Are you aware of the multitude of toxic chemicals in commercially manufactured dish soaps? Scary chemicals like chlorine, ammonia, and formaldehyde! And don’t be fooled into thinking that a thorough rinsing will eliminate all of these poisons. Tests have shown that residual traces are left behind after rinsing.

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Seed Legend offers the earth's answer for chemical-free living!

We use specially fermented soapberry syrup which contains an abundance of rich saponins, and through our patented manufacturing technology we are able to produce the highest quality bio-organic surfactant. Saponin extract also possesses natural anti-bacterial properties which provide powerful, all-natural detoxing function for everyday life.

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  • Natural Guard Produce Wash

    Natural Guard Produce Wash

    This is your number one, all-natural choice for detoxifying pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables; this miraculous product has been proven to neutralize hazardous chemicals at a deeper, cellular level.

    Contains only THREE Simple Ingredients

  • Green Clean Dish Foam

    Green Clean Dish Foam

    Biodegradable Green Clean is a safe and natural way to clean and sanitize your dishes. Since Green Clean is completely plant based, there’s no need to worry about hazardous chemical residue.

    Contains only FIVE Simple Ingredients

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Handcrafted in Small Batches

All Seed Legend products are handcrafted in limited numbers through a patented, 180-day fermentation process, similar to that utilized by winemakers. Like fine wine, our products take time.

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Being Responsible Consumers

You might be surprised to learn how much environmental damage begins in the home. In fact, some reports claim that contamination from household sources are responsible for most of the world’s pollution. Toxic chemicals contained in household and personal care products play a major role in polluting our water and the air we breathe. But, as consumers, we can make choices that will greatly reduce our environmental impact.

All Seed Legend products are fully biodegradable and manufactured through the use of an innovative, low energy technology which creates no waste and leaves behind an extremely low carbon footprint. Everything Seed Legend makes is filled with 100% all-natural ingredients. Nothing artificial - nothing toxic. Products that you can feel good about using and providing for your family. Your health is worth it!

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