Embrace traditions.
Make Magic Memories.

Recall the joy of grandma's cooking, and the love you shared as you cleaned
up together. Our organic dish soap evokes those cherished moments, keeping
her spirit alive in every wash.

Nourishing a Healthy Home

Elevate daily rituals with mindful choices. Nourish home and soul with sacred energies through cleansing products, extending intention to invite abundance.

The Heart of the Home

Your home transcends mere brick and mortar; it's a sacred space where memories are weaved in an ethereal tapestry. Bless each nook and cranny with the same tender devotion you shower upon your loved ones. Select only pristine methods and solutions to tend to the caring for others and sharing of love, fashioning a sanctuary that resonates with tranquility.

In the realm of "organic," where authenticity may waver, behold Seed Legend—crafted with an artisan's touch, absent of additives or chemical interferences. Our Soapberry Home collection, composed of only a select few pure, powerful, 100% natural ingredients, ensures you fill your home with nothing but spirit, soul, and safety.

Within our cleansing concoctions, we utilize fermented saponins drawn slowly and gently from soapberries to build potent yet tender potions. Witness the alchemy unfold as they detoxify and purify your retreat and your refreshments. Surrender to the embrace of nature's might and the enchantment of soapberries. For a home free of impurity, and filled with love and connection.

Embrace Abundance Without Exploitation

Just as the Earth generously bestows sustenance and vitality upon us, so too must we tread with reverence in what we offer in return. Acts of dishwashing, laundry, and household cleaning with conventional products creates chemical deposits that ripple back into our waterways, casting a shadow upon the delicate balance of flora and fauna. It is our divine duty to diminish the impact of this runoff, a noble endeavor realized through the embrace of authentically eco-conscious ingredients.

In the gentle hands of soapberry-derived saponins, we find a cleansing and detoxifying elixir. Its naturally derived essence means it’s authentically safe for the Earth. Secure your kin and the sanctity of the natural realm by entrusting in the artisanal alchemy of Seed Legend.

By trusting in the cleansing and detoxification of soapberry-derived saponins, runoff of our products is completely safe for the Earth. Protect your family and the environment by choosing Seed Legend.

The Virtues of Saponins

  • Sacred Purity: Nontoxic and gentle, in harmony with nature and your home
  • Earth's Embrace: Biodegradable, causing no harm upon the sacred tapestry of the environment.
  • Purifying Essence: Antimicrobial qualities, gently but powerfully cleanse
  • Healing Touch: Hypoallergenic, tender to sensitive skin and allergies, and safe for pets
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Green Clean Dish Foam
This works better than any dish soap I have used. The best part though is that I can use Green Clean without my hands breaking out and becoming itchy.
With this product, a little goes a long way and I also use less water to clean my dishes. I can feel good about using this and not polluting or harming the environment. I really am pleased with This product.


Natural Guard Product Wash
As a mom I think it's VERY important to make sure I'm not feeding my family a bunch of pesticides! I always buy organic, but I don't completely trust it. I was using eatCleaner produce wipes and they were alright but, holy cow! they are expensive and they aren't nearly as pure as this stuff. The wipes are expensive - that's why I like this spray bottle, more pure and better deal - cost effective.

B Sanders