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Wonder Butter

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SEED LEGEND Wonder Butter Leave On Mask is an all-purpose cream made from precious, natural, active interface saponin which is derived from nature's miracle - the soapberry! This buttery cream is a miraculous compound mask which works wonders for complexion-problem skin. Use regularly to tighten pores and improve skin tone and texture. Since we’ve added NO fragrance, all you’ll smell are the natural ingredients - a sweet, earthy, fruit-like scent.

Only FIVE Powerful Ingredients - Less Is More!

Petroleum jelly, saponins, refined coconut oil, palm oil and olive oil.

The Science of "Saponin"

Saponins extracted from soapberries contain an abundance of fructose amino acids and organic active interface. These nutrients provide essential nourishment for the tissue cells of organisms, thus activating the cells and giving them the necessary energy to catalyze metabolic reaction in order to achieve the purposes of cleanliness and health care. Saponin extract also possesses natural anti-bacterial properties which provide powerful, all-natural cleaning function for everyday life.

Our Technology - US Patent: US 2013/0130329 A1

Of all the sources found on earth from which saponins can be extracted, we have found the soapberry plant to be the most beneficial. We use specially fermented soapberry syrup which contains an abundance of rich saponins, and through our patented manufacturing technology we are able to produce the highest quality bio-organic surfactant. Similar to the pH level in humans; our products are slightly acidic and deliver an abundance of vital natural trace elements needed by the body.

Hand-Crafted with Love

Unlike mass produced products sold in big chain stores, our products are hand-crafted in small batches. Seed Legend products are 100% free from synthetic ingredients which makes us a truly unique brand in the organic market.

Money back Guarantee

We are proud to have incredibly loyal and happy customers and we’re confident you will be too. If for any reason you’re unhappy with our products, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all full-size products. No questions asked. We encourage all new customers to try our sample sizes or sample kit before purchasing the full-size product. This will help with future decision making and prevent an excess amount of emissions in shipping and waste in packaging.

Wonder Butter - Healing Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin - Seed Legend Saponin healing moisturizer for sensitive skin Saponin healing moisturizer for sensitive skin Saponin healing moisturizer for sensitive skin

How to Use

Use AM and PM. Apply to clean face by gently pressing onto damp skin with palms or lightly dab with fingertips around delicate eye areas. As an overnight, leave-on mask, you can apply more liberally for maximum nutritional benefit. For better absorption, add a few drops of water or toner to thin down the cream before applying to skin.

Seed Legend | Organic Ingredients | Pure & Raw
Seed Legend | No Artificial Ingredients
Seed Legend | Hypoallergenic | Free of Harsh Chemicals
Seed Legend | Hand Crafted
Seed Legend | 100% Biodegradable | 100% Recyclable
Seed Legend | Antiviral Antibacterial Formula


What are the benefits of soapberries?

The Compendium of Materia Medica, various medical studies and clinical trials, reports that soapberries provide several beneficial effects for humans and animals. The most common are: relief for skin diseases, dandruff, fat leakage dermatitis, mange, acne, pimples, comedo, dust mites allergies, block sore, rosacia, and various skin diseases caused by excess sebum secretion. In addition, soapberry products strengthen hair; reducing breakage and hair loss, and continuous use can result in healthier, shinier hair, and smoother, softer skin.

Why do your products cost more?

The short answer: the finest ingredients and time. Every Seed Legend product is packed full of precious saponin which is extracted from soapberries. In fact, in order to obtain the amount of saponin that goes into each 1L bottle of Seed Legend Restoration Foaming Shampoo, 3 lbs. of soapberries are required!

Why are your products not usda organic certified?

In order to become certified "organic," the USDA requires documentation relating to the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on the farm lands from which you are harvesting. Since most of the soapberries we use in Seed Legend products are grown and harvested in the wild, it isn't possible to meet this requirement.

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Debbie K.
United States United States
Nourishing Balm for Dry Skin, Wrinkles & Scars

The first time I used this I was skeptical about the consistency and smell. I used it as directed though and by morning the dry itchy patch on my chin wasn’t itching anymore. I have health conditions which make adequate hydration impossible and my skin suffers greatly. It causes rough dry spots that I itch open. There are also patches on my leg that will not heal. Since using Wonder Butter they are beginning to heal and don’t itch. My face is actually beginning to get a bit of a glow and appear smoother too. I was totally surprised how well this Wonder Butter worked and wanted to learn more about soap berries. I started reading the booklet and website. I can’t imagine a better product for my needs. I got used to the smell (which to me is a bit like almond butter.) I am so relieved to finally have a cure for my skin conditions. I now use it on my scars and they’re fading. This is a terrific product worthy of the price. A little bit goes a long way! The best part of all is it’s natural. I couldn’t be more thrilled or impressed! I highly recommend Seed Legend Wonder Butter Leave On Mask to all who are searching for a clean safe beauty product that nourishes your skin.

Seed Legend Wonder Butter - Healing Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin ReviewSeed Legend Wonder Butter - Healing Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin Review
United States United States
Helped with my acne scar!

I had a acne scar next to one of my eyebrow for years. Because it’s just a little small spot, I didn’t do anything to take care of it... And, just recently it became almost unnoticeable!! This is totally unexpected! I’m pretty sure this cream helped. I almost finish my first jar and am going to order it again! Worth the money!

United States United States
Happy with this product

This cream works better than a $300 cream I used before. I can tell improvements after few nights of use. My skin looks good with or without makeup. My only complaint is... it’s a bit too heavy to be used during the day. It takes time for skin to absorb.

Seed Legend Wonder Butter - Healing Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin Review
Sandy i.
United States United States
I like it - took some getting used to

This stuff takes some getting used to. It's unlike any creme I've ever used - doesn't go on like other creams, and it doesn't smell all pretty (but that's the whole idea, guess - nothing artificial added) But! Once I'd used it for a while I started noticing the difference. It's really changed my skin. My wrinkles look diminished and overall my skin is obviously healthier. I took away one star just because it's really unusual at the start, just DON't give up. You'll be glad you didn't - I sure am!!