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The Seed Legend's Berry Bar

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Seed Legend | Organic Ingredients | Pure & Raw
Seed Legend | No Artificial Ingredients
Seed Legend | Hypoallergenic | Free of Harsh Chemicals
Seed Legend | Antiviral Antibacterial Formula
Seed Legend | 100% Biodegradable | 100% Recyclable

Customer's Reviews

Squeaky Clean and Balanced Feel

I love the rich lather this soap creates. It leaves me skin feeling so well balanced and clean. I have very sensitive skin and really appreciate that this is made with quality natural ingredients and NO fragrances or chemicals.

Jacqueline R.

It's Really Pure

I'm one of those people who have really sensitive skin and this is really what i've been looking for. Just wish it was bigger - I go through it pretty fast.

Lane E.

Perfect multi use facial soap

My 9 year old son has recently started to develop little pimples on his forehead and cheeks. His skin has always been fairly sensitive, so as I planned to start him on a skin care regime, I had to find a product that was gentle but effective. I also didn't want him to use any of the conventional acne treatments on his young face just yet. Since using this bar once a day for the last few weeks, his skin has improved noticeably. He hasn't had any new pimples, and his skin looks and feels smoother overall. Most soaps and washes make his skin red and dry (even ones that are supposed to be for babies), but not this one!

Claire M.

The Berry Bar's contains refined coconut oil, purified water, saponins, salt and betaine.

Only 5 Ingredients! Less is More!

Key Ingredient: Saponin

  • Soapberries  


    Soapberries are known to be nature's finest soap & have essential nutrients that can help deeply clean the skin.

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  • Fermentation  


    In order to curate our precious saponin, we ferment our soapberries. This process takes a minimum of 180 days.

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  • Saponin  


    After the fermentation process, the benefits of saponin is significant. Packed with an abundance of essential nutrients.

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Want a Saponin Packed Skincare Routine?

These products will leave & keep your skin feeling Refreshed, Clean, & Tightened with the powers of Saponin!

  • Berry Bar  

    Berry Bar

    Cleanse your face with this soap-free Berry Bar that will deeply clean your skin.

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  • Luminous Exfoliator  

    Luminous Exfoliator

    Clear your skin & cleanse your pores with the Luminous Foaming Exfoliator.

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  • Wonder Butter  

    Wonder Butter

    For the ultimate hydration & moisture, use the Wonder Butter Leave on Mask.

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