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Luxurious & Tightening

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An All Natural, Plant-Based Facial Bar

Only 6 Ingredients!

The Seed Legend's Luminous Foaming Exfoliator

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Seed Legend | Organic Ingredients | Pure & Raw
Seed Legend | No Artificial Ingredients
Seed Legend | Hypoallergenic | Free of Harsh Chemicals
Seed Legend | Antiviral Antibacterial Formula
Seed Legend | 100% Biodegradable | 100% Recyclable

Customer's Reviews

Definitely for sensitive skin!

My skin is super sensitive! Even I use some brands who claim they are natural, I will still have breakout when my skin DETECTS chemical ingredients. The first time I used this product I felt little sting and a bit redness in the beginning... Surprisingly, it didn't give me any issue afterward. In fact, my skin felt much smoother and tighter right after one use :) Highly recommended!!


It’s like a booster

My skin texture instantly became brighter, tighter, smoother after first time use. Pretty amazing product with only botanical ingredients. I use it 2-3 time weekly. This is my new favorite routine to keep my skin looks healthy. Each time of use worths $100 spa facial treatment to me.


Best Exfoliator!

I have noticed such a difference after using this product for a little over a week now! My skin feels so soft, my pores aren't as noticeable and my skin looks extra glowy. I also love how gentle it is compared to other exfoliants! I definitely recommend this product.

Chantal A.

The Luminous Foaming Exfoliator contains purified water, saponins, refined coconut oil, olive oil, salt and betaine.

Only 6 Ingredients! What More Do You Need?

Key Ingredient: Saponin

  • Soapberries  


    Soapberries are known to be nature's finest soap & have essential nutrients that can help deeply clean the skin.

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  • Fermentation  


    In order to curate our precious saponin, we ferment our soapberries. This process takes a minimum of 180 days.

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  • Saponin  


    After the fermentation process, the benefits of saponin is significant. Packed with an abundance of essential nutrients.

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