What to Know About Your Hair and How to Avoid Losing it

What to Know About Your Hair and How to Avoid Losing it

Your hair is a distinguishable trait with several diverse functions. Much like our skin, eyesight, and other aspects of our bodies, hair needs care and nourishment to thrive in various environments.

Although its main purpose is to protect the skin and regulate body temperature it can also be used as an accessory to identify us as an individual. To many, it may seem thoughtless, however, to others, hair can be a form of art in which they can express their personality freely to the public without boundaries.

Despite the fact that hair is practically made up of dead, yet fully keratinized epithelial cells, it is still connected to the skin by individual living hair follicles; consequently, making it still a part of us. Similar to other parts of the body, hair can show signs to help us identify a lack of nutrients in our diet or other conditions we may be experiencing. 

What Can Cause Hair Loss?

Some common hair concerns include:

  • Dandruff, 
  • Hair loss,
  • Dry hair, and many more
Many of the listed hair conditions are genetically driven. However, there is growing evidence that suggests that our diet, environmental factors and toxins can be contributors as well. 

For example, hair loss can be caused by introducing excessive:

  • Heat,
  • Chemicals, and
  • Stress. 
Furthermore, prolonged stress is linked to three types of hair loss conditions:
  • Telogen effluvium,
  • Trichotillomania, and
  • Alopecia areata. 
Being that hair plays a great role in our physical appearance, such hair conditions and concerns can cause harmful psychological effects.

How Can Hair Loss Be Prevented?

A few ways to prevent hair loss is by making sure we are consuming the necessary nutrients our bodies need, taking time to unwind, meditating, and lastly, using hair products that do not contain harmful chemicals.

Unfortunately, most shampoo products on the market contain such chemicals which can cause hair loss, irritation, breakage, and drying due to their detrimental ingredients. Taking a moment to review a product's ingredients is crucial to avoid these adverse effects. Instead, steer towards opting for truly natural.

Ultimately, Look for Formulations without Harmful Chemicals

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