No Preservative It's All About Brewing

Soapberries must go through several stages of bio-tech treatment before they can be safely used, and we accomplish this through a patented continuous fermentation process (brewing fermentation) which is very similar to the wine making process. The natural yeast particles produced during fermentation decompose sugar, releasing “steady-state” fructose amino acid, and the end result is soapberry anhydride. No preservatives (such as ethylene acid) or microbial antibacterial agents are required to prevent unwanted bacteria from decomposing or rotting.

Recycled. Nothing is Wasted! Zero Carbon Footprint!

All Seed Legend products are fully biodegradable and manufactured through the use of an innovative, low energy technology which creates no waste and leaves behind an extremely low carbon footprint. Everything Seed Legend makes is filled with 100% all-natural ingredients. Nothing artificial-nothing toxic. Products that you can feel good about using and providing for your family. Your health is worth it!

we create 100 authentic soapberry products Why We Are more natural

With our low energy manufacturing process, all forms of waste are re-usable, and our finished products are diversified - covering a wide range of uses: household cleaning, skincare and cosmetic, agricultural supplies, medical supplies, construction supplies, and food ingredients; consequently, we've reduced our overall costs to achieve maximum economic benefit.

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