We create 100% authentic Soapberry products

Time and patience

Ask any wine maker and they'll tell you it takes time and patience to produce the finest wine, and It's no different with soapberry products; in fact, the entire soapberry fermentation process takes a minimum of 180 days. This is what makes our products so precious, as we strive to insure that every drop produced is packed full of the best that nature has to offer. proven to be true. 

Soapberry saponin extract Seed Legend

No more than 6 ingredients!

Purified water, soapberries, and natural ingredients/oils ... THAT'S IT! Consequently, we never need chemical stabilizers to preserve our products. Our minimal ingredient lists makes us an unusual brand on the market. We believe the simplest things make the best products.

Soapberry saponin extract Seed Legend

All-natural color

It is impossible to produce colorless, all-natural soapberry products. Just as you can't decolorize coffee; there is no way to decolorize soapberry syrup. You'll find all of our products in there natural color - a rich dark brown.


We are proud to offer the only genuine soapberry products on the market. Since all Seed Legend products contain NO added fragrance, you'll smell only the natural scent of soapberry syrup which is similar to a combination of vinegar and fruit juice. The first time you smell it you'll know it's 100% natural.

Liquid vs. gel

Seed Legend products contain NO artificial chemicals to thicken them which would be necessary to create a gel product. In order to offer a 100% natural soapberry product, it must be in a liquid form; consequently, we use packaging that takes the all-natural liquid and creates a foam when pumped.

Seed Legend organic skincare

Try to burn it

If you were to take a spoonful of any of our products and place the spoon over a flame all you'd get is the smell of burnt sugar with no chemical smell or smoke. Try this with other soapberry products and you'll see (and smell) the difference between them and Seed Legend's 100% natural products.

Soapberry soap nuts


Unlike other soapberry products that use only the slightest amount of soapberry; every Seed Legend product is packed full of soapberries! In fact, every 1L bottle of Seed Legend Restoration Foaming Shampoo requires an average of 3 lbs. of soapberries.

We only choose nature's finest

Soapberries are grown in many parts of the world; however, not all are suitable for making quality soapberry products. After extensive research and study we determined that those grown in Indonesia were by far the best, as the tropical rain forest provides everything needed to cultivate the plumpest soapberries.

Organic soapberries soap nuts


Soap-free bar made with wild-harvested soapberries
Soapberry Dish Soap - soap free! Chemical Free!
All natural facial oil for sensitive skin